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Ancient Troy and Schliemann's excavations

The collection, consisting of 259 items and often referred to as "Trojan Gold" or "Priam's Treasure", has been held in the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts since 1945. It comprises objects from hoards discovered by Heinrich Schliemann during his excavations in Troy in 1872-1890. They include various pieces of jewellery, vessels, anthropomorphic figures, hammer-axes and artefacts fashioned from rock crystal. Objects from 13 of the 17 hoards held in Berlin after 1881 ended up in Moscow. Those which in 1939 were designated by German experts as belonging to the "irreplaceable" category were mainly objects made of precious metals and stones. Other items from the same hoards fashioned for the most part from bronze and clay are held in the State Hermitage Museum. Objects from Treasures (hoards) A,B,D,E,F,Ha,Hb,J,K,L,N,O and R and also some isolated finds are exhibited in this Gallery.

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