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Museion is an educational centre that develops and coordinates programs aimed at the creative development of children ages 5 to 18. These programs are built around the museum collections, lectures, and studio hands-on activities, using rich audio, video, and multimedia content.

Since January 2006, Museion has occupied an old downtown estate at 6 Kolymazhnyy Pereulok, bldg 2, a historical architectural landmark dating back to the late 18th - early 20th century. 

About 3,000 children participate in Museion programs annually. Our priority programs are: “Family Groups” (children ages 5-7 with parents), “Museum Meetings” (children ages 7-9 with parents), “Conversations about Art” (children ages 8-9), Art Lovers Club (children ages 10-14), and the Young Art Historians Club (8th-11th graders, college students). It is a tradition for each group to celebrate the end of the academic year with theatrical shows.

    • Moscow, Russia, Kolymazhny Pereulok Bldg. 6/2,3

      Metro Stations Kropotkinskaya, Borovitskaya, Lenin Library

    • 周二 - 周日:11:00-18:00



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      +7 (495) 609-95-20 (Russian only)

      +7 (495) 697-74-96

    • Museion Educational Centre is equipped with ramps, but it is not equipped with elevators.

    • No audio guides in English