Frequently Asked Questions

Dear visitors! Due to the current epidemiological situation, the Museum will be closed for visitors from November 16, 2020 to January 15, 2021. Take care of yourself and stay with us online!

This section is updated regularly. Thank you for your questions! If you haven’t found an answer to your question, please contact us via the feedback form.

    • All museum halls are accessible to the public. Safety routes are designated only for entering and exiting exhibitions, using the stairs, and walking in the foyer. Please pay attention to announcements and direction signs. You can also view or download a safety route map using your electronic device (Main BuildingGallery). There are some small halls in the Museum where the number of visitors permitted at one time is very limited. Museum employees may ask you to wait until other visitors leave the hall.
    • No. Museum buildings are only accessible during fixed visiting sessions for our guests’ safety. The number of people in the building is strictly limited.
    • No. You can just present your e-ticket on your electronic device at a checkpoint.
    • For the safety of our visitors, we have temporarily suspended the mandatory exchange of reduced-fare e-tickets for paper tickets. Please make sure to bring your document confirming your eligibility for the discount, as it may have to be presented at a checkpoint.
    • Changes of date or time are not allowed. You can only return your ticket and buy a new one (in advance or on the day of your visit).
    • Ticket exchanges are not allowed. You can only return your ticket and buy a new one (in advance or on the day of your visit).
    • In this case, we cannot guarantee access to the Museum. You can purchase a new e-ticket on the same day for the next session (if tickets are available) or visit the Museum on another day. Tickets can be returned until the end of the day of the pre-booked visiting session.
    • Yes. You can buy tickets online for the next available session on the day of your visit.
    • For our guests’ safety, first-come-first-served ticket sales at the ticket office have been temporarily suspended.
    • Visitors entitled to free access can purchase tickets online for 1 ruble. Unfortunately, the technical capabilities of our payment system do not allow us to sell e-tickets for 0 rubles, so we had to set a token price of 1 ruble for them. This is not a commercial decision, but it allows us to provide equal access to all visitor categories under the current sanitation restrictions.
    • Yes. You can book an individual guided tour of the permanent or temporary exhibition for a group of no more than 10 persons. To book a guided tour, please fill in the form on our website. If you would like to book a tour for a larger group, you should divide participants into groups of 10 and submit separate requests online.
    • For guests’ safety, the Museum has introduced temporary rules for visitors. We kindly ask you to read them in advance and follow the rules while on the Museum grounds. We follow the guidelines of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing on disinfection. We also disinfect equipment for mobility-impaired visitors provided for temporary use and cloakroom tickets. Outerwear is placed in the cloakroom with proper distancing. Safety routes for visitors and employees have been developed for each building. Bottles of sanitizer are readily available. All employees who come into contact with our visitors wear personal protection gear, follow sanitation rules at the workplace, and go through regular body temperature checks. No employee with a fever is allowed to work.
    • No. Masks are mandatory in all areas of the Museum. You can bring your own mask or purchase one in the Museum shop.
    • Yes. Wearing gloves is not mandatory for guests.
    • For the safety of our guests and employees, we have provided for a contact-free check of each visitor’s body temperature at the Museum entrance. Guests with a fever are prohibited from entering the Museum. We ask for your understanding of this safety precaution. If you have a fever, you can return your ticket until the end of the day of your visiting session. We will be happy to see you at the Museum as soon as you get well!
    • All employees are provided with personal protection gear and go through regular body temperature checks. Any employee with a fever is only allowed to work after recovery. If the workspace area is too small for all employees to work simultaneously, the work is organized in shifts. In order to avoid crowds, break areas for employees are accessed according to a schedule. Workspaces are cleaned on a regular basis, including disinfection of all surfaces.
    • Yes. For our guests’ safety, lockers are cleaned with antiseptic every two hours. A clerk at the information desk can also provide disinfecting wipes so that you may clean the locker and the key on your own.
    • Yes. For our guests’ safety, we disinfect cloakroom tickets after each use and position visitors’ outerwear with proper distancing.
    • Yes. Audio guides can be rented for a fee. All devices are provided in accordance with sanitation rules. For your safety, we also recommend that you pay with a bank card instead of cash.
    • Yes. Cafés are open in all Museum buildings.
    • Museum shops are open, but gloves must be worn in order to touch the goods. If you would like to flip through a book, etc., please bring your gloves with you or purchase them in one of our shops. For your safety, we also recommend that you pay with a bank card instead of cash. No admission ticket is needed to access our shops; you will be allowed to enter whenever no visitors with pre-booked sessions are entering a building.
    • You may seek assistance at any Museum ticket office starting July 28 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday: 3 PM to 7 PM; Thursday, Friday: 3 PM to 8 PM; Monday - closed). Please bring original copies of tickets or guided tour vouchers, as well as your passport and the bank card used for payment (in the case of cashless payment).