Speech 'Inclusion and social sustainability: a strategic reorientation and new practices'


Venue: Zoom platform


National museums are for everyone, but do they reach everyone? How can a national museum be inclusive, and why is diversity so important? Dealing with cultural identity, history and heritage, national museums have an inherent power of including and excluding. Speakers believe that the strength of a society is dependent on equal cultural integrity and wellbeing of every member of the society. The idea of a national culture should be pluralistic by nature.

Structured and inclusive co-operation with minorities and an audience-oriented overall approach require a remarkable change in the way national museums traditionally operate. Reaching new audiences means lot of co-development as well as new networks and partners. Sharing the ownership of the concept of the national requires courage. Through recent case examples from the National Museum of Finland, will be studied inclusion as a strategic reorientation and as a necessity, when striving for true cultural sustainability.



Elina Anttila, Director General of the National Museum of Finland (Helsinki, Finland)

Hanna Forssell, Head of Public Programmes of the National Museum of Finland (Helsinki, Finland)