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Session "Invisible connections: big data and artistic interventions in the city" in the framework of the public program "Mythology of tomorrow"

31 Окт 2019

Big data analysis is an attempt to find connections of everything with everything, a peculiar analogue of medieval astrology, a cast of digital reality, as limitless as a starry sky. Contemporary art is also working on the creation of alternative world view and offers its own protocol of transparency – a strategy for detecting hidden bonds. Discussions about the application of big data analysis in art have been going on for a long time. As part of the “Mythology of Tomorrow” program, we propose to discuss the possibilities of analyzing big data in the artistic research of society. How can an artist engage community representatives in exploration and design of the space? How can we ourselves model the spaces of the future using the visual language of art, new technologies and the universe of big data?

In Exploded views 2.0, the artist Marnix de Nijs invites viewers to walk through virtual spaces — images of the world's main tourist sites, constructed from thousands of photographs – open sources big data. Changing the point of view on familiar landscapes, the artist generates a new experience of rethinking social habits.

With the support of the Embassy of the Netherlands.

Marnix de Nijs, Dutch artist, pioneer of media art of the mid-1990s. De Nijs uses highly conceptual mechanisms and new software to create interactive works that alter the viewer’s perception. He collaborates with media laboratories such as V2_Lab (Rotterdam, Netherlands), universities (TU Darmstadt, Germany). Winner of Art Future prize (2000, Taipei), Transmediale (2000, Berlin), Vida 5.0 (2002, Madrid), Prix Ars Electronica (2001 and 2005, Linz), Witteveen + Bos (2005, Deventer).


Marnix de Nijs (Netherlands, artist); Lev Manovich (USA, professor of computer science at City University of New York, professor at the European Higher School in Saas-Fee); Christopher Burman (Great Britain, artist, Director of Digital Strategy at Strelka KB, Moscow and co-founder of London based design studio Heat Island), Vadim Smakhtin (Russia, generative and interactive designer / programmer, technical director and R & D engineer at Habidatum).


Alexander Burenkov (Russia, curator).