“Time Machine” - Simplified Video Course for World Art History

Supported by: LANIT Group of Companies, Partner of “Pushkin Museum to Orphanage Pupils”

Participated by: LANIT Network Academy

Time and space travel – Pushkin Museum offers a new project developed with the support of LANIT Group of Companies. Kids and adults with disabilities, as well as all other people willing to get into the world of art in a simplified way, are welcome to our Time Machine Educational Course.

The purpose of this course is to prepare disabled people before their visit to the museum, which is a special environment incorporating strong visual and sensory impressions that can sometimes exceed sensitivity thresholds of a child. Preparation to the visit is very important for establishing a positive experience. Therefore, the Time Machine Video Course will help tutors and teachers of various support foundations and care homes prepare the kids for understanding the art. Short briefing of the museum halls and exhibits will allow children with disabilities to tune in to the visit and better understand the art and the entire content of the guided tour.

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts has always paid special attention to disabled people and children with difficult situation in their life. Today we put art therapy as the most important lines of social adaptation of disabled children by means of art. The Time Machine Project was inspired and introduced by Olga Morozova, Maria Dreznina, Olga Nelyubina, Varvara Zamakhaeva, Natalya Kortunova – the teachers and fine art experts who have traditionally hold sessions for disabled visitors. Evgeniya Kiseleva is the author of the idea and concept.  Автор идеи и концепции: Евгения Киселева. Film crew: LANIT Network Academy.

The first three episodes of the Time Machine Project were published on the museum website – Accessible Museum section, including the Ancient Assyrian Art, Heinrich Schliemann’s treasure, and impressionism. 13 episodes are planned to be shot before autumn 2019. These episodes will tell you what is a still life, portrait, landscape; explain the relation of paintings and architecture, the role of theme or synopsis in the art work.

The educational course “Time Machine” continued the project “Pushkin Museum to Orphanage Pupils” developed by the Pushkin Museum jointly with LANIT Group in autumn 2017. This cooperation evoked one more level in the art education for children and teenagers in the museum – acquaintance with art.

Marina Loshak, Director of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts says: “This project is very important for those children who are extremely needed to see the world they cannot see otherwise. I would like to thank LANIT company which is our partner in various important projects. And the simplified video course – “Time Machine” – is the most important”.

Elena Gens, Vice-President of LANIT, Social Projects, says: “We have been working with the Pushkin Museum for many years. We helped organize art exhibitions and assisted in children development. My father – Georgy Gens – initiated this process. And I am glad that we continue and develop this cooperation now. The Time Machine Video Project for the Pushkin Museum is just a part of our program for children. Last year we brought to the museum more than 100 kids from orphanages and care homes. The children were inadequate in assessing these tours; many kids needed a preliminary session. Some kids were good at art classes within Museion Program. And we shall continue our work with the most talented children individually as part of the extended art course”.

Presentation of the Time Machine Project took place on September 19, in Italic Patio of the Pushkin Museum as part of the Inclusive Festival.