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Inclusive engine master class 'Far and Close' from BewegGrund (Switzerland)


Venue: Zoom platform


An exclusive master class from BewegGrund specialists is always the joy of movement and communication, new exercises and knowledge about one's own body. And now that it can only be held online, it is also an attempt to find a contact despite borders and distances. The presenters promise that "during short master classes, participants will explore the whole range of movements, regardless of distances and the fact that we are in an online space. After the warm-up, we will play "far away-close" and touch each other, despite being physically impossible to do so. It will be fun!". This hour of plastic improvisation is another proof that closed space is not a hindrance to free movement.

A maximum of 15 participants and 15 accompanying persons

With German-Russian and Russian-German simultaneous interpretation as well as with Russian sign language translation


The presenters:

Cornelia Jungo - dancer with congenital disability (diagnosis - osteogenesis imperfect), has been working with the company on a permanent basis since June 2019 (takes part in master classes and performs administrative functions)

Suzanne Schneider - dance teacher and choreographer, creator of modern and inclusive dance performances