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Accessibility of venues

The Pushkin Museum makes every effort to provide a safe environment for people with disabilities across all museum premises.

In view of the classic architectural features of the Pushkin Museum that affect accessibility, visitors in wheelchairs are recommended to make a prior registration by phone: 

+7(985)863-39-84 or by e-mail:

Moreover. visitors in wheelchairs can use powered tracked stairclimbers (hereinafter – Stairclimber) to move up and down the stairs in the Main Building and 19th and 20th Century European and American Art Gallery.

In the Main Building – LIFTKAR SANO PTR XT 160.

Maximum load – 160 kg.

In the Gallery - T09 ROBY PPP Vimec.

Maximum load – 130 kg.

Visitors using mobility scooters, segways, walking frames, etc., can also use free stairclimbers offered by the museum for moving up and down the stairs or wheelchairs for moving on the museum premises as may be necessary.

The stairclimber can be fixed in an inclined position. To prevent discomfort for visitors using wheelchairs with low backseat, we offer free museum wheelchairs.

As recommended by the Russian Society of Disabled People, a group of visitors in wheelchairs may not exceed 5 persons.

Please contact us before visiting the museum!

Phone: +7(985)863-39-84