Discussion 'Variety in artistic and performative practices. Borders and overcoming them'


Venue: Zoom platform


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Talk about diversity in artistic and performative practices will involve artists and performer, for whom overcoming (physical features, social stereotypes, social taboos) is not an abstraction, but an everyday reality. They will talk about how they cope with physical and other difficulties, how they break down borders and stereotypes, how they reflect on the struggle for diversity in their art.

With English-Russian and Russian-English simultaneous interpretation as well as Russian sign language translation



Nika Parkhomovskaya - curator of the festival's theatre programme, theatrical critic, curator, editor of Theatre magazine


Anton Ryanov - philologist, curator, artist, laureate of the 'Innovation-2019' award, member of the Expert Council of the 'Innovation 2020' award, co-author Sofia Pigalova in the creation of the documentary film 'Organ of perception', member of the art group 'Androgyn and Centaur'

Mariana Domingos Tembe - dancer and actress from Mozambique who has worked with choreographers from France, Canada, South Africa and South Africa; she has participated in many festivals of contemporary dance and international projects despite her disability

Enrique Amoedo - Artistic Director of Dançando com a Diferença (Lisbon, Portugal), which has introduced its own methods of working with people with mental and physical disabilities; specialist in performative practices and inclusive dance; has worked with many renowned choreographers, including in the field of social and inclusive dance.

Nika Fontaine - contemporary artist from Germany who finds inspiration in the culture of antiquity and contemporary philosophy, in spiritual practices and meditation, and considers her art as a way to grow and explore the world.