Konchalovsky Peter Petrovich
Portrait of Veriginy. 1918

"Portrait from 1918. It seems that it has never been exhibited in Russia. The history of this painting is very interesting. In Paris, on one of my concerts, I got branch of white lilac, on the other concert — again white lilac with a letter in which it was written that those flowers were from a certain pianist in memory of her mother, who always sent white lilac on the concerts of Rachmaninov and even went down in history of Rachmaninov. Then we met — I have come to thank her for the flowers. It was midday, and when I asked, "Is Alexandra Lvovna at home?" (later we called her Shurochka) — her husband said cheerfully: —"Yes, she is, but she has fainted because you have come. "Since then, we struck up a friendship. Being very rich, they drove me around to my concerts. Shurochka tried to pamper me in every possible way. She bequeathed me this portrait, where she is depicted her first husband — pianist Verigin. I met Pyotr Konchalovsky when I lived at the A.I. Troyanovskaya in the Bugry in the "estate" of Konchalovsky. Sometimes I used to hear a beautiful baritone of Peter Petrovich, who was humming Italian cavatinas while working. I remember him in loge at my concerts (by the way, he was extremely fond of variations on the theme of Beethoven's Diabelli). He had power, wealth, generosity, lightness, artistry of talent".

Sviatoslav Richter

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