36 х 30,8 cm.
МЛК ЖР 447

Eight Icons-Menaions of XVII century were kept at the collection of Chuvanov. Each of them is
a kind of calendar "in the images." "Menaion" comes from the Greek word "month", so each of
the icons corresponds to one month of the liturgical year. On Icons-Menaions in three rows there
are shown the saints, whose memory is celebrated in a given month, and scenes of the Twelve
Feasts. Above all the figures there are explanatory inscriptions and numbers. The central part of
this icon, in which the image of Our Lady of Tikhvin was likely placed, did not preserve. Images
on stamps are written in miniature and fine manner, in the usual manner of masters of the
Stroganov School. The icon painter was a thorough narrator and told the history of existence of
the icon in the smallest details, providing all the scenes with inscriptions.

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