Korovin, Konstantin Alekseyevich
Okhotino. On the terrace. Portrait of N.I. Komarovskaya. 1919 (?)

Oil on canvas
88,2 х 66 cm
МЛК ЖР 173

K.A. Korovin was very fond of working at his home in Okhotino. Often he created portraits of friends and still lives on the veranda of Okhotinsky house. One of these paintings is the "Portrait of the actress N.I.Komarovskaya". Until 1918 Nadezhda Ivanovna Komarovskaya (1885 - 1967) has taken part in plays of the following Moscow theaters: in the theater of F.A. Korsch, in the Maly Theatre, in the Chamber Theatre. She has been one of the greatest actresses of her time. In 1919 she became an actress the Bolshoy Drama Theatre in St. Petersburg. She has performed in concert programs with a dramatic reading. Portrait of K.A. Korovin was created in the year of the actress's moving from Moscow to Saint Petersburg.

  • Oil on canvas
    88,2 х 66 cm

  • МЛК ЖР 173
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