Antonio Francesco Perruzzini
Landscape with Figures. Late XVII - early XVIII century

Oil on canvas
70×100 cm
in the collection of G.A. Brokar (Moscow) at the end of the 19th century, с 1900 у его наследников, after 1918 in the State Museums Foundation
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This is a typical work by Peruzzini, whose manner of painting can easily be recognized from his rendering of foliage and use of stroke-like dabs for depicting both landscapes and human figures. This rules out any doubts regarding the fact that Peruzzini executed the whole painting himself. At the same time he had used as a model works by Magnasco characterised by rapid depiction of staffage figures. The figure of the monk with arms stretched out sideways can also be traced back to Magnasco: similar figures are to be found in both his drawings and pictures.

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Antonio Francesco Perruzzini

1668–после 1730