Jacopo Torriti
Christ Child. Late XIII century

Smalt pigment on stone
52,5×43,2 cm
In the Justiniani collection in Rome until the mid-19th century, acquired in Rome in 1863 by P.I. Sebastyanov, donated by P.I. Sebastyanov to the Rumyantsev Museum in Moscow, transferred to the State Historical Museum in 1924
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Fragment of a mosaic from the tombstone of Pope Boniface VIII in the old St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The project for the monument had been commissioned by Arnolfo di Cambio (1295-1296). In connection with the building of the new cathedral, the mosaics were removed from the walls. The fragment from the Pushkin Museum collection appeared in the collection of Benedetto Justiniani, who supervised the demolition of the old basilica.

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