Cittadini, Pier Francesco, called Milanese
The Flight into Egypt with a Boatman. XVII century

Oil on brass
43,3×34 cm
Acquired from Kruglov (Moscow)

This painting was acquired by the Museum as a work by a 17th-century Dutch master and was later identified by the author of this catalogue. In his pictures Lot with his Daughters and Hagar and the Angel held in the Dresden Picture Gallery the artist uses similar techniques for composition and spatial arrangement, making it possible for movement to flow freely from the foreground towards the horizon. This effect is accentuated by the painter's fairly free and flowing style, which is particularly conspicuous when it comes to the rendering of folds and his depiction of foliage. The types of figures found in the picture in the Pushkin Museum collection are repeated in both the works found in Dresden.

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  • Oil on brass
    43,3×34 cm
  • At the PMFA since 1937
    Acquired from Kruglov (Moscow)
  • Ж-2850
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