Giulio Pippi, called Giulio Romano
Lady at the Mirror. Early 1520-s

Oil on canvas
111×92 cm
In the collection of the Princess of Rossano, Olimpia Aldobrandini (Rome), no later than 1626, from which it was transferred in 1682 to the Lambruschini collection in Florence, and later to the collection of Camillo Pamfili (Rome), in the collection of I. Noé in Brussels in the 19th century, acquired for the Hermitage from the Munich antiquarian, I. Noé (St. Petersburg) in 1839
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In the 18th century this painting was known as a work by Raphael, and it was acquired by the Hermitage with this attribution. It was thought to be a depiction of Beatrice d'Este, Lucrezia Borgia and "La Fornarina", Raphael's mistress. None of these assumptions has subsequently been confirmed.

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