Sandro Botticelli
Annuciation. 1495-1498

Tempera on canvas
45×13 cm
Две створки - Архангел Гавриил, Дева Мария (Аннунциата)
1922 из Строгановского дворца-музея (Петроград) пост. в Эрмитаж; с 1928 в ГМИИ.
Byzantine Art. Italian Art of the 13th to 16th centuries View on the hall's virtual panorama

Both panels were originally part of an altarpiece for a small portable altar. They had been the panels on either side of the central composition. They have been placed together in an old 16th-century frame – not the original one. They were often referred to in the literature as The Annunciation, although they do not present the given subject as a scene. The same portable altar had two other panels with depictions of St. Dominic and St. Jerome, held in the Hermitage. These panels were created during the master's late period.

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Sandro Botticelli

Около 1445–1510