Florentine master, first quarter of XVI century
Madonna and Child with the Infant John the Baptist in the Landscape. Between 1515 and 1520

Oil on wood
60×48 cm
Передача Реввоенсовет в Москве

The state of this work's preservation is good. Its painter learnt his craft at the end of the 15th century in Florence, where many outstanding artists were working. The link to them can easily be traced in the painting published here, which as regards its level of execution should be considered as a mature work by the artist, whose identity is not known to us. It can perhaps be dated to the years 1515-1520. The pose of the Madonna can be traced back to Leonardo da Vinci. The figure of John the Baptist is in some respects similar to the depiction of that saint in Michelangelo's Doni Tondo. The subtle portrayal of the landscape is particularly deserving of attention. It reflects the painter's interest in the work of Dutch and German artists.

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  • Oil on wood
    60×48 cm
  • At the PMFA since 1924
    Передача Реввоенсовет в Москве
  • Ж-1516
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