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Statuettes of Amenhotep and Rannai. New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, 1479–1425 B. C.

ebony, glass, goldplating, gypsum
H. 44 and 33 cm; w. 8,5 and 8 cm; th. 36 and 22 cm
Purchased from Vladimir Golenischev,provenance: Thebes, Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, TT 345
I.1.а 2103, 2099
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These matching figurines of the priest Amenhotep and his wife Rannai, the priestess (singer) of
the god Amon originate from tomb No. 345 located in the ancient Egyptian necropolis for
nobility Sheikh Abd el-Qurna on the western bank of Thebes. According to the inscriptions, both
figurines were ordered by the son of the couple. The figurines were made from the precious
ebony wood.

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